45 Ferrari tattoos (and their meaning)

Without a doubt, the name of Ferrari symbolizes a luxury car to which few of us have access, it is a desire for social status.

Just dreaming of Ferrari generates happiness and extreme satisfaction, because this brand pushes you to imagine what your life would be like if you had the means to pay for this type of car and did not have to get up every morning to to go to work.

But what Ferrari stands for began many years ago: in 1908, more exactly, when Enzo Ferrari, barely 10 years old, saw his first car race and immediately became a fan.

It was only later, in 1939, that the luxurious Italian sports car would be born. It was an extravagant automotive creation of Enzo Ferrari, then associated with the racing division of Alpha Romeo. The story of his success has remained in the annals.

But not owning a vehicle of this type should not stop you from wearing a Ferrari tattoo, because these tattoos are a real tribute to the brand and a proof of good taste in cars. It's about defending a lifestyle that shows what kind of person you are, what you like and what you like. You are someone who loves what is good and enjoys luxury.

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You can choose to represent a Ferrari model with the typical pennants, the iconic black horse, the Ferrari logo or simply the superb name of the brand, preferably on one arm or one leg.

Some details about Ferrari

Those who know the world of cars place the Ferrari brand in a higher category and even refer to it as a legend forged by decades of sporting success and the inimitable style of these cars, which have become a source of inspiration for millions of enthusiastic admirers.

This brand has become an emblem of speed and style, wealth and class, so much so that in 2014, Ferrari has become the most powerful brand in the world.

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Symbolic meaning of Ferrari tattoos

A Ferrari tattoo can be a symbolic representation of satisfaction, luxury, money, wealth and celebrity, but also all the struggles that have been necessary to get a life of privilege.

At the symbolic level, the Ferrari is also a sign of reward, happiness and victory: it means that you have been rewarded for the efforts you have made and for the time you have spent on your projects.

But, beyond all meaning, if you decide to get a tattoo from Ferrari, it may be because you are attracted by this type of vehicle or the philosophy of the brand.

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