50 Dolphin tattoos (and their meanings)

The dolphin is considered one of the most intelligent creatures of creation (with the man, of course). Long before humans began to glimpse the depth and true expanse of the seas, there were already stories of dolphins guiding the lost in the solitary waves.

The sailors reported countless encounters with dolphins swimming around the hull of their boats and the ancient Greeks considered them a good omen for their trip. The dolphins were considered as bearers of messages and blessings of the nymphs of the seas and were associated with Amphitrite, the Greek goddess of the sea.

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The omnipresent smile of the dolphin provokes, in all those who cross the road of these majestic creatures, a feeling of strong connection with these wild animals. Dolphins are free spirits and very sociable creatures: they show a sense of camaraderie and unity rarely seen in the animal kingdom.

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Meaning of dolphin tattoos

In general, dolphins speak to our playful and compassionate nature. In the wild, these creatures take the time to build strong social bonds with members of their group and take care of each other. It has been observed that dolphins particularly protect pregnant females. Most people feel a strong connection with these mammals because they are living representations:

  • Of a playful nature
  • From a free spirit
  • On intelligence
  • In harmony
  • Prosperity
  • Thanks
  • From the community and the family
  • Protection and guidance

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Variations of dolphin tattoos

1. Tribal dolphins

When tribal designs represent dolphins, they symbolize a cultural connection with the ocean, grace and harmony. The tattoos of tribal dolphins also symbolize strong family ties. These drawings tend to be associated with (but not limited to) Polynesian culture because of the long-standing relationship between islanders and dolphins.

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2. Celtic dolphins

Celtic tattoos are strongly rooted in spirituality and paganism. In general, Celtic knots symbolize the interdependence of many elements of a spiritual nature. The intricate lines of Celtic tattoos represent connectivity between lovers or human beings and God and nature. The Celtic tattoos of dolphins represent a deep spiritual harmony with nature, community and family.

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3. Butterfly dolphins

This combination is relatively common, since both creatures represent different natural elements; water and air. Apart from that, they symbolize the need to be free. The tattoos of butterflies represent the link with nature, innocence, freedom and transformation, while dolphins are the personification of grace and frivolity. Generally, people who feel trapped in a situation express their desire for freedom through a tattoo design that includes both of these elements.

4. Yin and Yang dolphins

In Taoism, the symbol of Yin and Yang represents the balance between equal but opposite forces – good and evil, night and day, feminine and masculine, and so on. Both are interdependent and complementary, each force giving life to the other. This symbolism exists in the tattoos drawings of Yin and Yang that include dolphins, and represent life in harmony and balance.

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5. Dolphins and hearts

The heart not only symbolizes love, it also represents spiritual morality, joy, compassion and strengthening emotional bonds. The tattoos of hearts that also include dolphins represent harmony, community, strong family ties and friendship.

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