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Clown tattoos

Clown tattoos are symbols of the spirit. Clown makes fun of everyone, he is cynical and uses humor to show everyone that they are very serious.

He reminds us that to be a man wants to make mistakes, to laugh, to go crazy sometimes.

Clown tattoo is a symbol that has two meanings. On the one hand, it reminds us that we have to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. On the other hand, clown is rather sinister creature. Probably, it is so because films where delicate clowns turned out to be killers and were represented with sharp teeth inspire. The main meanings of clown tattoos are:

  • playfulness
  • Ability to deal with complex things easily
  • Ability not to bother with anything and not to bother others
  • Ability to pass a wide spectrum of emotions
  • Humor

As it was said before, evil clown exists also in different clown tattoo designs. The main meanings of the evil clown tattoos are:

  • The dark side of the human nature
  • Fears and also fears of the clowns – clown tattoos are the only way to fight down this kind of fear
  • Betrayal
  • Murder
  • Darkness and sorrow
  • Deletion of evil longings and terror

The best places where clown tattoos can be applied are the arms, back, shoulders and chest. There are also different types of clowns that can be represented on a clown tattoo:

  • Clown Bandit – with weapon and evil face. Such clown represents the symbol of murder and destruction
  • Dead clown head – the head that goes out of the flames fire, covered with ropes, means evil
  • Clown in blood – blood is sipping from his mouth and eyes. Such clown is the symbol of murder and betrayal
  • Clown with red nose and hate for everything.

Clown tattoos can have different meanings, as we can see. Clown is considered legatee, which includes fools (boobies or those who consider him a fool), Joker (smart playful people) and jesters (wandering comedians) – these are the categories that have often been combined. The symbolism of the deepest and darkest has been applied to fools in antiquity. They were the antipodes of kings and sovereigns. They were used as a replacement during the rituals of offerings and sacrifices.

In addition to common sense, clown tattoos and also images of different idiot depict the faults of the man. They also describe how merit and gravity can be easily converted into farce and how wit turns out to be idiotism (patience and ability to not be that such gives this symbol a real strength that can not be understood by others. ).

In the word criminal joker or clown means crook or fraud, professional card player – lover of the game.

Clown tattoo can be a very good choice if you have one of these qualities in life. In the catalog you can find many different clown tattoo design examples.

Clown tattoos are not applied very often, but are nevertheless quite popular. Clown tattoo design is pretty good, because people constantly ask about them. Remember, many early childhood people like clowns – we see them in the circus or different TV series. It may be for this reason that many people choose clown tattoos to apply. If you decide to make a clown tattoo, remember that you choose the colors and tattoo design you want to clown. It's up to you to decide if the clown on your clown tattoo will look good or bad.

Let's talk a little more about the placement of clown tattoos and their color. The choice of color can be tricky. Usually clowns are made with shadows with colors like dark purple or black, perhaps. It is very important to choose the right color for your tattoo clown and also the right placement. Clown tattoos are always unique.

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