60 Libra zodiac sign tattoos (and their meaning)

The Libra zodiac sign concerns people born between September 23 and October 22. It is a cardinal sign, which means that it corresponds to an equinox or a solstice of the zodiac circle.

The Libra sign corresponds to the air element, as well as the Aquarius and Gemini signs. It represents balance, creativity, justice and initiation.

Although there are several personalities within this sign, coincidences or patterns are often repeated in the ways of being Libra. If you are of this sign, it is likely that some of the aspects that we will mention later correspond to you.

balance sign tattoo 63

Creativity and flexibility

Libra are generally very creative people. They often devote themselves to drawing, music and photography. In fact, they often have a large number of artistic activities.

This is the reason why many Libra tattoos refer to this quality: creativity and flexibility. Libra can seem very docile with other people but, in reality, it is because they easily adapt to different temperaments.

balance sign tattoo 42

Balance and justice

However, Libra are also associated with equity. The natives of this sign often have a strong sense of justice, because they easily see and weigh the various possibilities available.

This need for balance is a characteristic of Libra. This is why a tattoo with straight and clear lines is a representation which illustrates this trend very well.

tattoo sign balance 78

Relationship with other signs

We pointed out above that the representatives of this sign often pass for docile people but this is not always the case because, although they can easily adapt to many different personalities, they also react very strongly to certain behaviours.

They are easily irritated by more obtuse personalities. They can also be strongly stimulated by very active personalities, which is characteristic of the signs of Fire.

These relationships, and particularly that with the signs of fire, it is possible to represent them by means of a tattoo. By placing flames around the well-known Libra scales, for example.

tattoo sign balance 90

Venus and the constellation Libra

If you are a Libra and you like astronomy or astrology, you can get a tattoo representing the constellation Libra.

Another option is to compose a tattoo showing the constellation and the planet Venus. Because we must not forget that this planet governs the natives of this zodiac sign and has a great influence on them.

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