60 tarot related tattoos (and their meaning)

Since the beginning of time, humanity has felt a great curiosity for the dark arts and the mysteries they harbor. Tarot is considered one of these arts, because it tries to predict fate by means of representations placed on cards that are read at random.

But what you can't deny is that things are bound to happen, even what you think is chance. This is the reason why men are curious to know what the future holds for them and get their cards drawn from the tarot.

tarot tattoo 95

Symbolic of tarot card tattoos

A deck of tarot cards contains 78 cards, divided into two categories: Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (the remaining 56 cards). In this game, the Major Arcana has a particularly important meaning.

These meanings push men to get tattoos of designs inspired by the tarot, designs that can be either monochrome or very colorful.

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Here are the main meanings behind each main card:

– Arcane I: The fool

The tarot tattoos representing this card, the first, symbolize power, confidence and determination.

– Arcane II: The popess

The tattoos linked to the tarot on this card represent a motherly and wise figure.

– Arcane III: The Empress

Having this card tattooed means that you are aware of and accept the feminine side of life, because it symbolizes femininity and harmony.

– Arcane IV: The emperor

As it is the counterpart of the previous card, the symbolism of this figure represents power over material things, stability and a good social position. It is usual that it attracts the attention of people wishing to have a higher economic level.

– Arcane V: Pope

This card represents spiritual energy and is the complete opposite of the previous card. Many people identify with this figure out of religiosity.

– Arcane VI: The lover

As the name suggests, this card and the tattoos on it represent love and belief in relationships, but it also represents desire and passion. These tattoos are usually red.

– Arcane VII: Carriage

This tattooed card represents mobility and continuity.

– Arcane VIII: Justice

Pure balance and equality of energy, money… everything.

– Arcane IX: The Hermit

It is one of the most popular designs of tarot tattoos, because it represents personal reflection.

– Arcane X: The wheel of fortune

As the name suggests, this card represents change, destiny and growth

– Arcane XI: Strength

When we tattoo this card, we suggest that our actions are driven by a particular force, which can be positive or negative.

– Arcane XII: The hanged man

It is the card of disinterest, of indifference. People who tattoo this motif are generally quite distant from those around them.

– Arcane XIII: The nameless (or dead) arcane

tarot tattoo 69

It represents transformation, the death of a lived moment.

– Arcane XIV: Temperence

This card, one of the most powerful, represents self-control and strength.

– Arcane XV: The devil

It is one of the favorite cards of many men and women, because it represents the occult desires. Everyone has a dark side, right?

– Arcane XVI: The house of God

Because of its height, this card represents vigilance.

– Arcane XVII: The star

These tattoos represent hope, beauty and what is positive.

– Arcane XVIII: The moon

Although it is a feminine and fertile representation, this tattooed card represents the dark side of the people who wear it.

– Arcane XIX: The sun

It is undoubtedly one of the most positive cards. It is the counterpart of the previous card because the sun represents success and hope.

– Arcane XX: The jugement

Many people fear this card because of its bittersweet side but it represents reality, that is to say, triumphs as much as failures.

– Arcane XIX: The world

As the name suggests, this card represents keeping your feet on the ground to avoid fantasizing about unreal things. His tattooed designs are often very attractive.

– Arcane XXI: the Mat or the Mad

To finish this post, people who decide to get a crazy tattoo on the skin have an adventurous spirit without equal.

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