70 Balloon tattoos (and their meanings)

Hot air balloons are definitely beautiful and creative images that you can immortalize on your skin by means of a tattoo. If you do a quick search on the internet, you will find drawings of all sizes and types … you just have to choose the one you like the most.

Balloons of all types are touching because they remind us of our childhood … How many times have we not played with balloons, children, at birthday parties? And have you ever dreamed of taking a hot air balloon ride with your family?

In general, balloon tattoos are not new; in fact, they are quite common and it is mainly women who wear them. However, today, one can find drawings that have a magnificent rendering on the masculine skins.

But if you want to optimize your drawing and give it a more personal touch, you can combine the image of the balloon with roses, skulls, bones or any other image that you like … everything is question of taste. Just choose a good design to accompany your hot air balloon.

tattoo balloon 55

What do balloon tattoos mean?

Talking about balloons is about freedom. Because they give the magic impression of feeling free and able to fly in the immensity of the sky: they are the representation of a world without barriers or borders.

They are also associated with other equally positive signs like energy, freedom and the power to decide what you want to do with your life. Who, knowing all this, would not desire an image of this type immortalized on the body by means of a tattoo?

But this image is also associated with the emotional prosperity and unparalleled sensation of freedom that we all lacked at some point in our lives. That's why we just have to look at some hot air balloon pictures to imagine ourselves to be free and live our lives to the full.

tattoo balloon 85

The fact that hot air balloons have the ability to move in the air is also a sign of peace and tranquility, which are very valuable qualities in times of conflict.

And, while it may seem incredible, the aspects we just mentioned are part of the process of selecting this tattoo, albeit unconsciously. That's why balloon tattoos have become a fairly common choice these days.

These tattoos are perfect for the back, forearm or shoulders. But if you want them to stand out, the thighs are the perfect body spot for an excellent hot air balloon tattoo.

tattoo balloon 01

tattoo balloon 03

tattoo balloon 05

tattoo balloon 07

tattoo hot-air balloon 09

tattoo balloon 101

tattoo hot-air balloon 103

tattoo balloon 105

tattoo hot-air balloon 107

tattoo balloon 109

tattoo hot-air balloon 11

tattoo balloon 111

tattoo hot-air balloon 113

tattoo hot-air balloon 115

tattoo balloon 117

tattoo hot-air balloon 119

tattoo hot-air balloon 121

tattoo hot-air balloon 123

tattoo hot-air balloon 125

tattoo hot-air balloon 127

tattoo hot-air balloon 129

tattoo balloon 13

tattoo balloon 131

tattoo hot-air balloon 133

tattoo balloon 135

tattoo balloon 15

tattoo balloon 17

tattoo balloon 19

tattoo balloon 21

tattoo balloon 23

tattoo balloon 25

tattoo balloon 27

tattoo balloon 29

tattoo balloon 31

tattoo balloon 33

tattoo balloon 35

tattoo balloon 37

tattoo balloon 39

tattoo hot-air balloon 41

tattoo hot-air balloon 43

tattoo hot-air balloon 45

tattoo hot-air balloon 47

tattoo hot-air balloon 49

tattoo hot-air balloon 51

tattoo hot-air balloon 53

tattoo hot-air balloon 57

tattoo balloon 59

tattoo balloon 63

tattoo balloon 65

tattoo balloon 67

tattoo hot-air balloon 69

tattoo hot-air balloon 71

tattoo balloon 73

tattoo balloon 75

tattoo hot-air balloon 77

tattoo hot-air balloon 79

tattoo balloon 81

tattoo balloon 83

tattoo balloon 87

tattoo balloon 89

tattoo balloon 91

tattoo balloon 93

tattoo balloon 95

tattoo balloon 97

tattoo hot-air balloon 99

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