80 Tattoos of bees [Types et significations]

Although they seem rare and infrequent, bee tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years. Bees play a vital role in our lives. As tattoo patterns, they can be represented alone but are often drawn with flowers, in the form of cartoon characters or more realistically.

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In this article, we will analyze this unique type of drawing. You will discover its meaning, its symbolism and some ideas for your next tattoo.


Bee tattoos are not very common. Most tattoo artists probably do not have stencils for this type of drawing. However, bees can have a wide variety of positive meanings that could apply to your life.

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To understand the symbolism behind a bee, we need to look a little deeper into their world.

– One of the most important attributes of the bee is his loyalty. The bee is very loyal to her hive and her queen. She shows a great sense of honor and duty and is very consistent in her work. She walks around to collect pollen flowers and then returns to the hive. Once the pollen deposited, it comes out to start its round. It is a symbol of unity and family. Once you understand how loyal bees are, you will feel great respect for their species.

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– These insects are a perfect example of structured life. Their hard work can not go unnoticed. They symbolize work and sacrifice. It is thanks to this hard work and dedication that many flowers and plants still exist today. This proves how important bees are to us.

– Protection and defense are two other symbols to attribute to them. These are usually not aggressive insects and in most cases, if you do not disturb them, they will not bother you either: bees are not like wasps or hornets. However, when it comes to defending themselves or protecting the hive and the queen, they immediately throw out their stings. They defend theirs at all costs and will give their lives for them if necessary. They are magnificent symbols of sacrifice and protection.

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– They also have special meanings in many cultures. In some ancient cultures, the bee was a symbol of the soul, because it could travel long distances and easily find its hive. Apiaries were often used in the wars of Ancient Greece – or Ancient Rome. They were thrown at enemies (we can easily imagine the damage that a few thousand bees can do).

– Finally, bee tattoos can also be a symbol of sweetness – because of honey, as you will have easily guessed. It can also be a life full of sweetness.

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Meanings and drawings

Since the bee is a positive symbol, most of its meanings will be, by nature, positive. But do not forget that your tattoo can also symbolize what you want it to represent. Here are some of the most common meanings that lie behind bees:

  • Family
  • The structure
  • Routine
  • Sweetness
  • Honey
  • Blade
  • The intelligence
  • Protection
  • The honor
  • The duty
  • Loyalty
  • The unit
  • Fertility

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Variation of drawings of bee tattoos

Bee tattoos range from comic and animated drawings to more realistic representations. Although the general color of bee tattoos tends to be standard (black and yellow), they can represent a large number of different elements. Some artists prefer to emphasize the delicate beauty of a single bee, while others tend to represent the hive as a cohesive organism. There are also tattoo artists who prefer to use the powerful symbolism of the alveoli that bees construct to represent them, instead of using their image directly. The most popular variations of bee tattoos are:

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1. The tribal tattoos of bees

In many indigenous tribes around the world, bees play an important role in the daily lives of men. They provide food (honey and larvae), a product for hunting or other important tasks (wax) and are a means of defense for the inhabitants of the place. Given their status in the history of mankind, it is not surprising that many native regions pay tribute to this little animal by creating religious symbols and icons to bee glory. The tribal tattoos of bees are an extension of this practice and serve to represent the spiritual connection of man with the bee flying freely, working hard and embodying team spirit.

2. The drone tattoos

The drones are the heavyweights of the Apoid family. These are heavy mammoth tunes. The sound of their loud buzz is immediately recognizable. Like the famous Bumblebee, these insects are known for their fierce loyalty to a common cause, their ability to work in teams and their laborious nature.

3. The queen bee tattoos

The queen always has the last word. She is the heart of the hive and controls every movement of thousands – even millions – of workers. The tattoos of queen bees are reserved for chic and confident divas who like to rule the world around them and who, despite their delicate nature, are not afraid to be tough. Queen bee tattoos are usually worn by strong-bodied women who tend to kick back and then ask questions.

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