93 Lizard tattoo, salamander, iguana (and their meaning)

You would be surprised to know that lizards have been an important part of human history for thousands of years. The former Moche people from northern Peru and several aboriginal tribes held lizards in high regard and often included their image in their iconic artwork. The Greeks and Egyptians associated these little reptiles with the idea of ​​luck and wisdom. Moreover, the Egyptian hieroglyph representing abundance and wealth consisted of a symbol strikingly resembling the lizard.

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In parts of western Africa, the image of the lizard is represented on the walls of houses to ward off evil spirits and to bring peace and happiness to the household. The pope of the 6th century, St. Gregory the Greatwas fascinated by the incalculable hours that lizards spent in the sun and described them as "humble souls seeking enlightenment".

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Lizards have even influenced men's language and feelings much more than one might think. The term "lizard brain" or "reptilian brain" is a reference to the first instincts of men and describes a school of thought of some scientific leaders. Having a lizard brain means that our highest cognitive functions: art and poetry (or even creating incredible tattoos), give way to our most primitive instincts: food, reproduction and the survival. The lizard brain regards the part of us that reacts to danger, visceral sensations and aggression.

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Why and how this school of thought was formed, are questions whose answers are probably found in the observation of the incredible power of the scariest lizard, the Komodo dragon. He is a great carnivore and it has been whispered that he sometimes ate human flesh. The inhabitants of the Indonesian islands in which they live have developed a healthy respect for these powerful and lethal animals. The Komodo dragons were first called "land crocodiles" by the first European visitors to the area. After many years of persecution and hunting (either through fear, sport or zoo), komodo dragons are now considered an endangered species that may soon become extinct. exist only in the pages of the books.

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Whether you identify with the primitive animal hiding deep within you or the small, agile, humble soul on the path to enlightenment, the lizard tattoos are a good way to show the depth and complexity of your multidimensional personality.

Significance of drawings of tattoos of lizards

The tattoos of lizards are a wonderful way to express a lot of traits of your personality and a great symbolism. The lizard represents:

  • Flexibility
  • adaptability
  • Perception
  • Speed ​​and agility
  • Death and resurrection
  • The abundance

Variation of the drawings of tattoos

Tribal Tattoos of Lizards

Tribal tattoos are cornerstones of the cultures of many indigenous peoples around the world. They are a way to express your cultural or regional identity and communicate with the spirits of your ancestors. Of Haida people to the Polynesian natives, the tribal tattoos whose animal totem is the lizard are also an extension of this concept. Lizards are associated with spirituality and that is why a lizard tribal tattoo will represent the pinnacle of your spiritual and cultural identity.

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Salamander Tattoos

A salamander tattoo represents your passionate nature and your ability to come out relatively unscathed from difficult situations.

Tattoos of Gecko

The geckos are famous for their climbing skills, they adapt easily to all surfaces and circumstances. This adaptability and their ability to regenerate lost or damaged parts of their body, has associated the gecko with traits like renewal and agility.

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Iguana tattoos

The iguanas are native reptiles of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, with some copies existing in some parts of Polynesia. This name, a Spanish derivative of "Iwana " their name taino, inspired the names of many cities and suburbs (like Liguanea in Kingston, Jamaica) of the Caribbean and Central America. They are also considered appetizing suppressants in some islands of the Eastern Caribbean. Connoisseurs say that the only way to really enjoy the succulent flesh of this lizard is to cook it in a rich curry sauce. Iguanas are known to love playing and are often seen as symbols of patience, creativity and understanding.

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Tattoos of chameleons

Their ability to camouflage (they can change color to blend into their environment) is proof of their adaptability and incredible survival instincts.

A chameleon tattoo represents your ability to adapt to all circumstances of life.

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