Best designs for the chest

Tattoos are one of the best ways to express yourself and many people think that the chest is the best place to put a tattoo. It is a very popular place, so there is a wide variety of designs to choose from. The number of men and women who adopt this location has been steadily increasing in recent years. Why, exactly, have these tattoos become so popular? Here are some key reasons why you too could decide for this type of tattoo.

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Meaning and symbolism of tattoos on the chest

The chest is, in fact, the most important place in your body because it houses your heart. When you choose to get a tattoo on your chest, you show what you care about. In addition, if you have already been tattooed at this place, you probably know that it is a very painful area. Going through this process is further proof of your commitment. Men can also choose the chest because it is a place with a large area of ​​skin.

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Both men and women like to choose tattoos that have a deep meaning, especially if the tattoo is placed on their heart. The most popular choices for this area are portraits of children, family members or close friends. Others choose to print a symbol of their cultural history. All tattoos make sense, but choosing to place them on the chest means that you want to keep them close to your heart and thus have a constant reminder of what matters to you.

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Hidden picture

Although a tattoo does not have to be hidden and out of sight, you can choose this place to keep your artwork private. A tattoo on the arm or leg may be visible depending on the clothes you wear, but if you place it on the chest, it is that you want it to be seen only by the people to whom you will show it . For some, having this hidden creation on their body is an important aspect of their tattoo. You may not want to show off your tattoo to everyone you meet, but you know it's still there …

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Sizes and locations most common tattoos on the chest

Other important aspects to consider are the size and exact placement of the tattoo. Depending on your choice of drawing, you may decide that it will cover part of your neck, shoulder or belly. Portraits of children or wives are usually placed on the upper chest near the heart. If you are only considering tattooing here, you will probably like to get an idea of ​​the different options available. The most popular choices here are tribal, religious or family tattoos; angels and many other reasons. Their purpose is to express love, respect or other profound meanings. If you are not completely sure what you want, an experienced tattoo artist will be able to show you the different options available to you.

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Today, tattoos on the chest are more popular than ever. Their strong and intense meaning and their symbolism make them powerful choices. If you are considering this kind of body art work, consider all of your options and make sure you are completely satisfied with your choice. This self-expression zone is really a wonderful option and can be used to create a powerful image that will accompany you all your life.

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Discover the best tattoo designs for the chest here

1. Tribal tattoo

This massive tribal tattoo covers the entire chest and conveys the emotion of a warrior entering the battle. The lines, strong and thick, are drawn in a very artistic way. The solid areas create a strong contrast with the shadows in the middle of the chest. They catch the eye and encourage the viewer to enter the story of this warrior.

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2. Owl

This tattoo shows the artistic power of the human backdrop. The real and living details of the bird literally give it life. The eyes of this owl are so realistic that they seem to scrutinize your soul, conveying the wisdom that the bird carries within it. The details of the feathers and the full moon at the bottom of the picture draw you inside the scene and you end up finding yourself in the presence of wisdom itself.

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3. Eagle

This strong and beautiful eagle flies on the tattoo. His claws are open and ready for battle. Its spread wings cover the whole chest. This tattoo is worn as a symbol of pride, that of fighting for his country and for justice.

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4. Wolves

Anchored in the roots of the native peoples of North America, this tattoo seems to invoke the tribe itself. The ferocious and strong wolf is what connects the knowledge of the leader's past and the spirit of the warrior. This incredible tattoo brings realism to a whole new level: you can look at each subject in the eyes and know exactly who he is. This creation represents a tribe always alive through the one who carries the drawing.

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5. Anchor and roses

This anchor rests on a bed of roses that seem to comfort the anchor, while it offers protection to the sweetness of the flowers, gently reminding us to stay calm in the face of the difficulties of life. Strategically placed on one side of the chest, near the muscle of the heart, this tattoo makes it possible to remain anchored to oneself whatever happens. And to appreciate the beauties that life has to offer us, whatever the circumstances.

6. Mechanical heart

Here we see the inner workings of the heart and feel that everything is not going well. This graphic drawing takes realism to the center of symbolism. We see the heart as a machine, which can be broken. Given the violence of the scene, we imagine that the heart was torn from its place and we ask if this wound can ever heal.

7. Owl with one eye

This full tattoo of the chest represents an owl with an eye in a triangle. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul and we can see it here. Surrounded by wisdom, we can collect the truth in all that we go through. It can also be a mirror that reminds us to look inside to find our own answers.

8. Phoenix

The phoenix has been known for a long time as a symbol of rebirth after defeat. It is actually in this rebirth that the victory is. This beautifully colored tattoo decorates the shoulder and reminds us not to give up in the face of adversity.

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9. Scripture and tribal

The mixture of fluid writing and straight lines of the tribal pattern serves as a reminder of the encounter between strength and sweetness. The strong defends the weak and surrounds, protects those he loves.

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10. Death's head

The fantastic realism of this tattoo is incredible. Covering the eyes and the mouth of the skull reminds us that even if we try to hide from death, we will not be able to do it forever.

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11. Lion

There are few images that represent as much strength, leadership and fearlessness as the lion. This ferocious beast is ready to attack and protect his pride. A detailed and realistic work that makes us understand that the wearer is serious and that he is the master of his field.

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12. Colorful crow

Crows are usually jet black, but the concept used for this tattoo on the chest opens new perspectives. However, despite the softness of the blue tones and the sunset in the background, this raven continues to show the aggressive behavior typical of these birds and seems ready to attack.

13. Geometric heart

The tattoos of hearts are quite common, but this form brings something totally new to the style. The geometric shape looks like a stone: it could easily represent a heart of stone or an icy heart. The owner could not have found a better place to place this body art work.

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14. Butterfly

Female tattoos are always more colorful and alive than others. This one is no exception to the rule. The drawing shows a colorful butterfly, a very popular motif in many countries, for all parts of the body. This one is composed of multiple colors.

15. Peacock

Peacocks have so many amazing colors that they are the favorite birds of many women. As is the case in reality, there is no color that stands out more than the others. All combine to give a beautiful bright creation that covers the chest in a very feminine way.

16. Colorful bird

The tattoos of women are sometimes living examples of the magic of colors and this one confirms this tendency. The aesthetic effect of the bird is exquisite and it surrounds the neck beautifully. It also delicately highlights collarbones, which is essential for female breast tattoos.

17. Royal crown with two roses

Here is a tattoo that will make you feel like a king. The brilliant crown is accompanied by two roses presenting different types of shadows. The artist managed to make these three elements realistic and integrate them perfectly on the chest. They are placed ideally, which reinforces the effect of the tattoo.

18. Bats

Bats fascinate a large number of people. If you're part of it, you'd probably appreciate having that big bat on your chest. Despite being dark, it does not lack details and shadows that make it quite realistic. The scary effect is kept to a minimum.

19. Dragon

This dragon head is so artistic that you could almost hear its roar. It's fantastic to see what an artist can do without using color. His sharp teeth and scales make him look dangerous. If you love dragons, this one will look nice on your chest.

20. Half-spiral

This type of tattoo on the chest should be connected to a tattoo on the arm. Here is one that has required a lot of work and covers a large part of the chest. It is suitable for an ambitious man who knows exactly what he wants from life.

21. Moth or moth death's head

This dead moth has a captivating beauty, with its skull and open wings. The antennae and wings of the insect follow the contour of the shoulder blades, while his body occupies the center. Ivy with abundant leaves spreads on the back and sneaks on the sides to reinforce the image.

22. Three beautiful roses

Red roses are one of the most attractive chest tattoos. The largest rose is placed in the center, with two small flowers on each side to form a chain. They are represented with very fine details, soft red-white petals succeeding each other. The roses are delicately supported by abundant and thick green leaves.

23. Skeleton

A very cool tattoo that represents a fascinating skeleton sitting to meditate under a black moon whose brilliance glitters from the center of the chest. The head seems to have smiling teeth and is relaxed, the moonbeams caressing her fragile bones of her quiet figure and sitting upright.

24. Hearts and roses

The two big bright roses are placed on the top of each shoulder. Ornate and elegant pearls, as well as ornaments gracefully hang, in large curves, joining at the center where is a big heart. This one contains three small red roses that are also embellished with beads and decorative designs.

25. Vintage watch with roses

This elegant vintage gusset watch is one of the most amazing breast tattoo ideas I've ever seen. It shines in the center of the chest, resting on a hollow skull surrounded by large roses. Two white doves spread their wings on the other side, accompanied by white ribbons.

26. Tiger

This magnificent masterpiece looks like a wonderful painting with a surprising tiger image in the center. Its stripes are matched to the black of the wings, that the yellow clears. The image is reinforced by those on the other side of attractive women wearing roses to the ears.

27. Skull decorated in black and white

This skull with eyes and hollow nose, grinning teeth and placed in the center of the chest is a composition of the most glamorous. The bony side is surrounded by an abundant and decorative ivy that gives it an attractive look.

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